Question Power but no response with an HP Laptop


Sep 17, 2015
I have an HP laptop. I shut it off a couple of weeks ago and it hasn't come back on since.
The light comes on the side where the power is plugged in.
There is no other activity. No fan noise, nothing.
I opened the case, pulled out the fan and tested it with a 9v battery - it works.
What I noticed is the cooling band for the heat sink is blackened where the hot air would leave the case and I do recall it running hot.
With it plugged in, I could feel that band get hot and the CPU cover is warming.
I unplugged it at that point since the fan's not coming on to remove the heat.
The battery has been removed throughout this.
I tested the power supply and that tests at about 19-20 Ohms; however, when I test the battery connection with it plugged in, I only get about .2 Ohms.
What else could be the problem?