Question Power button no longer working NZXT s340

Nov 11, 2021
My PC was working fine yesterday, today I went to boot it up by pressing the power button like I have many times before, but nothing happened.

I have tried to boot directly from the motherboard, but that didn't work. All that happens is the fans begin spinning for no more than a second and then nothing happens, which is also what happens when I press the power button after disconnecting the power cable to the power supply and plugging it back in.

This might be unrelated, but I did trip over my headphone cable yesterday, which pulled on the usb port pretty hard. Nothing popped out or looks damaged, and I even went as far as disconnecting all the ports from that part of the case to the motherboard to see if that could fix the issue, but it didn't work.

I don't have any more ideas of how to fix this problem, if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!

I'm using an MSI z720 motherboard if that helps.