Question Power color radeon 6500 xt artifacts when starting windows

Mar 16, 2023
Hello dear colleagues.
I recently built a new computer with the following configuration.
ryzen 5 5600 processor
motherboard maeaorus 550M
geil orion memory 2x8gb
Power Color Radeon RX 6500 XT graphics card
kingston nvme ssd 500gb
Redragon 500W power supply
After assembling the PC, installing programs and drivers, I started testing some games. After about 2 hours of playing, when restarting the PC, it started showing artifacts on the screen as shown in the attached image.
I restarted the pc a few times, reset the bios and in some cases the PC started in windows, but with a strange resolution...
When accessing the device manager, I noticed that the video card appeared "disabled". When enabling the card in the manager and restarting the PC, did the same artifacts occur when booting the operating system?
Does anyone know what can it be?


Mar 11, 2022
Yeah, would replace the card. It's not on the market for very long, you should be able to RMA it via Powercolor's support. Did you buy is second hand or new?

Also... Redragon makes PSUs? Oo
Only know their mice and other peripherals so far; which are pretty good, but a PSU is somethingcompletely else. I would be a bit weary about PSUs from brands that aren't well-known.