Question Power delivery lower than laptop's power adapter

May 10, 2022

I am having a real hard time finding information on this so I figured I'll try to post it here. I'm looking at buying a new monitor with an integrated usb hub like this : Dell usb hub monitor

The problem is that it has power delivery but max 90w and my laptop has a 135w power adapter. I saw when searching on Google that some people said it could be bad and others that its kinda ok, but no definitive answer.
We have usb c hubs at work and when I connect my laptop to it, everything works perfectly but the laptop always get super hot, is this what happens when the power delivery is not enough?
In any case, I don't really care about the power delivery, it's mainly for the usb hub. So here are my actual questions

  1. Is it bad to have power delivery less than the power adapter
  2. If I dont care about charging through power delivery, can I just leave my power adapter in and will my laptop take that power or it will freak out
Here are the specs I get when using their detect my machine on their site, can seem to find my exact model on their site
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I run/charge my laptop with a Type-C dock.

If the dock's supply is rated at 90W and your laptop takes 135W, then it will drain the battery under a heavy load and recharge when it isn't as active.

Laptops get hot because they get hot, kind of the nature of laptops. Charging a battery also produces waste heat.
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Using something that delivers lower power than what the laptop's power adapter came with is capable of, then either the battery won't charge, the hardware will perform worse to keep itself in the decreased power envelope, or both.

Assuming everything is within spec, I don't see a safety hazard here.
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