Jan 5, 2010
Hey I have been having problems with my system for about a year or so now, but has recently gotten really bad. My whole system turns off while gaming, otherwise its stable

Ati 5770 gfx (new)
550w xclio X14 Psu
2gb Corsair DDr2 800
Gigabyte S series GA-MA78GM-S2H Motherboard
250gb HDD Sata (cant remember make)

See Im pretty sure its my psu, I was running a at X1650 as a temp and it doesnt require a 6 pin power cable and it ran without incident (just couldn't play any recent games) and now im back to the same old problems with my new card! (just replaced my 8800gt)
You may be right. Try a corsair power supply. Newegg had one for $79.99 after rebate recently. It's amazing how little some folks want to spend on their most important piece of hardware, the power supply. Xclio is about a third tier ps. I wouldn't use one.