Power draw-sli question


Mar 30, 2009
is there any software that will let me see the power draw from my computer system?? is 1150W enough for quad sli 2xgtx295? and can i have two gtx295 of diffrent brands in sli together?
No. A UPS with Parachute software will let you know how much you're drawing from the wall, or a Killawatt meter will do basically the same.
1150w is much more than enough, unless you're running a couple dozen drives and off the wall cooling.
Probably be a good idea for you to read over this article.


Its better to have more power than you need than not enough under load, Johnny Guru said it best, select a power supply that has all the connectors you need without using any adapters.

can i have two gtx295 of diffrent brands in sli together?

They would have to be identically clocked, there could be no differences what so ever with any core clock, shader clock, or memory speed settings or it won't work.
I don't really use a Dell anymore :) ( My old Inspiron 9100 laptop sometimes )

Thanx to the help I found here I built my own a couple of years ago and the photo is what it evolved into.
The photo is a little dated at this point, has the Dominators on it, they've been replaced with the GSkill in my sig ( A reccomendation from The_Blood_Raven ).

No, it's an HSPC Tech Station

I was using it to "breadboard" builds and decided to use it for myself, building on boxes again :)

Here's some more photo's that show what you guy's have done to me