Question Power% drops - Causing FPS drops? Other ideas?


Oct 18, 2018
So Ive been having fps issues for quite a while now. Im not sure if this is the cause of the issue, but it seems to correlate? Ive been trying to figure this out for so long, im kinda lost.. Ill include a couple screenshots of afterburner during different games. The two screenshots are of rocket league and valhiem. But im experiencing the fps drops in other games as well. Usually drops about 20-50 fps when it happens, depends on the game.

Build -
Processor : Intel i5-6600
GPU : Gigabyte GTX 1650 Super
Motherboard : MSI B-150m bazooka
Ram : 4x4GB XPG a-data ddr4 2400 @2133
Storage : Seagate Barracuda 500GB SSD w/ 146GB partition + WD Black 1TB 7200rpm HDD
Power supply : Corsair cx750M
OS : Windows 10 version 20H2

Tried -
Multiple Clean installs
Updating to current win10 build
Updating drivers
RamMap - clearing standby storage
Cleaned/fixed registry with ccleaner
Ran SFC and DISM
Ran Heaven, noticed stutters
Checked health on Hard drives, and theyre fine
Defragment and optimized drives
Changed some settings in the nvidia control panel
Disabled Xbox game bar
Set power preference to high performance
Turned on win10 game mode
Turned on hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling
PC shop ran stress test and PSU test and said it was fine?
Ive probably missed a few, but thats a start to what ive tried.