Power failure damaged my partition


Apr 18, 2012

I had a power outage and after turning the PC back on, Windows made a CHKDSK on one of my partitions (fortunately it's not my primary partition with OS). It detected and fixed lots of errors, later I used CHKDSK again to make sure it's ok but after this second scan (which also fixed some errors) I somehow lost acces to this partition. Now windows tells me I have to format it. The problem is I cannot format it anymore, when I try to I get an error: "Windows couldn't finish formatting this partition" and also a "CRC error".

Now, as far as I know CHKDSK couldn't corrupt my files so that I get a partition CRC error. I suspect some part of this partition got damaged/fried during power failure but somehow it went to hell after CHKDSK. I'm not a specialist so I don't know what might have happaned during the scan. My question is: do you guys think the HDD is physically damaged and I can only use it because system partition was left intact? OR maybe the scan corrupted my partition somehow and I can fix it with some program for example TestDisk?

If you want the data that was on the drive, the multiple CHKDSKs may have caused a problem. Try Recuva or EASEUS Partition Recovery or any of the eleventy-seven recovery utilities. If they work, copy the data to another drive immediately.

Either after recovery, or if you don't need the data, download the mfg's diagnostics and run them on the drive. If they run clean, you can probably keep using the drive. If not, get a new one.

Or did I miss the point?