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Question power gpu without fully entring


Jun 27, 2018
I had problem with my 1070ti black screen with full fan speed when reboot every thing back to normal i search and found that changing thermal paste could solve the problem as power supply was new (problem showed after few months building the pc)
so after changing paste i try to install gpu it did not enter to the end the left side has very small end not connected to board i try to boot but no display but integrated card works and show display so i want to know something like that damaged my card ?
I will test card on another pc but it will takes time to do that
Another thing i put little too much paste that it touched some of the small metal pins that next to gpu chip would that affect card when i tried to boot ?
i removed all paste cleaned and add rice grain amount just to make sure
Jul 5, 2020
its good that u cleaned the excess thermal paste, make sure you dont screw down the heatsink too tightly. and yes try it in other pc and see if it works.

also make sure to check bios setting and see if PCIE is chosen and not intregrated graphics.

and make sure to connect the monitor to gpu port and not the motherboard port.
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