Question Power ISO won't detect my USB

Jun 7, 2019
I'm new here, I don't know if this is the right category to post this in but this is what happened:

today I wanted to use my usb to install ubuntu linux so I can see if i'd get better performance on citra over than vs windows, I plug in my usb and see that my USB's storage is "unallocated" I must've used it for something else and forgot to make a partition again , so I format it and set it as NTFS etc, after that I open up PowerISO and choose "create bootable usb drive" my usb does not show up in the "destination USB drive" section, what is causing this? I managed to get it to detect at one point and now after another reformat it won't detect again. did I do something wrong?

I'm trying to remove grub atm but can't because I need the usb.

other notes:

does not show up in unetbootin either.
does not "properly" show up in bios, it's read as SanDisk but when selecting it just takes me
to some weird linux command line (probably from when I made it a bootable usb drive for ubuntu)
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