Question Power issue :Xbox controller burned out by MSI Tomahawk b450

Jun 25, 2020
Hello everyone
I was using the Xbox controller pretty fine but one day I decided to switch to PS4 controller because vibration is not working later I decided to get back to the Xbox 360 controller and when I plugged it in the computer will restart for several times.
I didn't even think it was the controller, so I checked CPU & GPU temps, etc, finally I found that the controller was the problem.

About 7 years of service It was the best controller I've ever had so powerful. Till it burned out by my new computer.

To verify I checked the controller on my Surface pro 3 with Win 8.1 but it was not working and the system will not restart. Yet it only will restart on my desktop which runs Win 10

I don't really know what caused that problem is it the motherboard or power supply or something else that burned my controller?
Please guide how to resolve the problem
Details :
Tomahawk b450
Power Corsair 650watt
Wired Xbox 360 controller was connected to built-in Red USB port on the motherboard.
No smells no smoke from the controller