Question Power issues on Surface Laptop 3 ?

Sep 26, 2022
As the title says I have a Surface Laptop 3 which has worked great until recently.

the battery is draining extremely fast when not being used. Regardless of being shutdown or not. When plugged in and closed it gets very very warm to the touch. I have come in a room hours after using it and the fan is at 100% struggling to keep it cool. Even if I "shutdown" the computer it will still be dead overnight.

I completely reset the computer thinking a software issue but that has not fixed it all all. Every morning it's completely dead. No issues showing on battery diagnostics. I've checked all the power settings and shutdown settings etc. everything is the same it has always been.


Nov 19, 2013

I found this post on the Microsoft Forums, maybe it will help you.

Thank you for reaching out Microsoft Community. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

The Surface Laptop 3's battery should last up to 11.5 hours of typical device usage but if there's a lot of applications running while using it on battery power, this is perhaps the reason why it drains faster than expected. However, in your case, it drains fast than normal even when you were only using it for Google Chrome and Instagram which is kind of strange.

To help you out with this concern, can you tell us if you already updated the Surface device? Have you uninstalled/reinstalled the battery driver of your Surface? Were you able to check in Task Manager if there's only 2 applications running or have you checked for any applications running in the background?

To uninstall/reinstall the battery driver, kindly:

  • Open Device Manager
  • Expand Batteries
  • Right-click on the battery drivers available and click "uninstall device". Make sure to connect your Surface to it's power supply. Then, download the drivers and firmware for the Surface Laptop 3 based on it's processor from this link : Download Drivers and Firmware. Choose Win10_18362 .msi file available. Run and install and if prompted to restart the device to load the drivers successfully, just restart your Surface to install the drivers. After redownloading the drivers, kindly charge your Surface device to 100%, use it on battery power and run the battery report again and include the battery report in your next reply. I also would like you to:

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This seemed to fix the issue for the person.