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Question Power Limit + Current/EDP Limit THROTTLING. MSI Laptop GF65 9SE

Jun 28, 2020
Power Limit + Current/EDP Limit THROTTLING issue on MSI Laptop GF65 9SE


I'm addressing a problem that i have been facing recently,
Whenever i game or stress the machine, the power limit throttle appears. I am using
MSI Afterburner to monitor my temperatures during games and POWER LIMIT 1 is always visible when the
GPU Usage is above 70%. Further more, during a CPU stress test (Cinebench 15 / Intel XTU Benchmark) XTU
keeps showing the Power Limit + Current/EDP Limit Throttling as a YES. ScreenShots are Below.

What tweaks have i done? these:
- 1 {Using XTU} Undervolted the (Core + Cache) Voltage Offset to -0.145 V because during the first month
i found it the sweet spot that cured the thermal temperatures rising while playing Dying Light back then.
- 2 {Using XTU} Set the "Turbo Boost Short Power Max" to: 57.250 W and "Turbo Boost Power Max" to 50.750 W two days ago because it
fixed my thermal temperature issue that has been going on for 3 months (Stable 86c on GPU and an Unstable 90-97c on CPU)
- 3 {Using the pre-installed software DragonCenter} Sometimes overclock the Core Clock Offest to +200MHz
and VRAM clock offset to +350MHz while playing a competitive game. However, i rarely do this.
Intel i7 9750H , RTX 2060 , 512GB SSD , 1080p 120Hz, 16GB RAM dual channel

Quick brief of the situation:
-3 Months ago i have accidentally force stopped an ongoing windows update download or installation (Can't be confirmed which)
and the thermal temperatures have started reaching unsettling numbers (Stable 86c GPU and Unstable 90-97c CPU during games).
I have reinstalled windows a couple of times and tried keeping everything factory new and yet the problem still presisted,
ignored the problem and left it as it was.
*- Don't know exactly when but i have downloaded the Application "ThrottleStop" and played with its settings "BlindFolded :(" in order to reach a certain
core frequency which is (More then 3Ghz and less than 3.5Ghz), later on i deleted the application because it has proven problematic.
I told my friend to download ThrottleStop on his laptop {Same my model as mine} + (he never used ThrottleStop) and copied his settings, then went to BIOS to set back everything to default and
set the XTU settings back to default. Didn't help. However, comparing the values in ThrottleStop the numbers on the top box are still different. ScreenShots Below
+Additional Info: Haven't messed with the drivers. I already tried updated all the important ones / used default factory ones during tests,
GPU Always been at 86c with the temp limit showing during most games.

My guess is that something is wrong with my voltage and watt usage. Watt usage is because the CPU sometimes drains 70 W without the 2nd tweak i set (during
CineBench or XTU test and randomly in some games).
( Is it possible that laptop's settings may not have registered to default after reinstalling windows + using bios default settings??)
I am no expert in software nor hardware. MSI Centers do not exist where I live (Yemen) and there is no possibility sending back my computer back to USA (Bought it online).
Please Help. I don't want to burn my laptop nor damage it. (Almost 6 Months old)

View: https://imgur.com/a/rmP64Zw