Nov 15, 2020
My laptop with 2080 super mobile (TGP: 150) power limit throttling in games when I play on high or ultra graphics. I know power limit throttle is normal on a laptop due to many factors but the one I'm getting is super weird.

So I played Fortnite with all epic and I'm getting around 150 fps and 19Mhz GPU clock and then after every 30 secs or more it throttles the GPU to 13 MHz and goes back to 19** MHz again 2 or 3 secs. This resulting in a huge stutter. The power limit throttle is supposed to lower the clock speed gradually and stabilize at some point right but I don't know why it behaves like this. And of course, GPU hits 150 W (around 145 - 150 W) most of the time but this kind of sudden happens only after a certain time (typically once in 30 or more secs). I know that we can keep it under control by undervolting or reducing the clock speed manually with MSI afterburner but it was supposed to work without all those things right. Oo by the way temps are good, it is always under 75 C.