Question Power on Android box without IR remote


Mar 11, 2010
I have a Android TV box (H6 6K Ultra HD) which has no physical power on button. I used the IR remote for power on and off. I have not used it for a couple of months. I tried to power it on, but it won't. When I plug in, it can see the power light on the H6. So power is there. I hit the power button on the remote, a light on the remote flashes indicating that the remote has power. But the H6 power light did not turn blue which is the normal indicator that the box is powering up. I can use the H6 remote to power on another box. This was discovered by accident because the other box came on when I was testing the H6. This is perhaps the IR code from the remote matches the IR code of this other box. This proved that the remote is working. The possibilities that I can think of are
  1. The IR code from the remote does not match with the IR code of the H6. But it was working before
  2. The IR receiver of the H6 is broken.
Any suggestion on how can get this fixed ? I don't mind opening the box to solder in wires for a physical power switch. But I need the circuit diagram to figure out what to connect. A majority of boxes today has no physical switches. I was wondering how people fixes problem with the remote of circuitries related to remote control.