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Question Power on PC as remote server

Aug 22, 2019
Good morning everyone, I would like you to help me.

a client has an HPE Proliant DL180 G9 Server and he is happy because he has HPE ILO4 that allows him to turn on, turn off and manage the server remotely.

Now the client has asked me to put together a "Computer CPU" but he wants me to have something similar to ILO, which allows him to turn on, restart remotely, since he will use it only for backup but wants that function.

Unfortunately I do not know what option to give ... I tried wake on lan but that does not work if it is out of the network, so you can not restart it just turn it on, and if the power goes out it is useless.

Then I thought maybe there is a PCIex card or some component that allows me that function, and I come to consult the wisdom of this forum that tells me if there is something like that.