Power on then flicks immediately off during start up


Aug 11, 2011
My HP Pavillion dv6700 laptop has been working great for 4 years... then yesterday shut itself off while I was away, and now will not start back up. When I hit the power switch the lights flash on for a second then go black again... why the problem? Any ideas what's going on greatly appreciated.
if its the graphics solder problem then the fixes range from baking the motherboard to using a heat gun on the graphics chip and putting a copper shim on to improve the cooling--bit extreme and may go again in a few months--to professional reballing--about £70 on ebay

it may not be that problem--but if you look on the hp forums you will see a lot of very unhappy people with similar problem--and to make it even more annoying for you your model was excluded from the class action lawsuit so hp will probably fob you off even though its a clear design fault

have a read on the hp forums to see what they say--and look on ebay and see how many faulty hp dv series faulty ones are on there



Mar 31, 2012

The same thing happened to my tx1000. Turns out that the solder connection on the graphics melted. Once it was resoldered I had it running for a day and by the next morning it failed again. The tech order a special flux and resoldered. So far it has worked fine. It failed just out of warranty and hp denied and problems with the computer. For two years it was a paper weight which was a waste of $1,600.00. From the computer litigation it looks like hp knew it all along. There is also a BIOS update which is supposed to fix the problem. Now I have a dark screen on my dv9000. It is also the subject of litigation and from what I am reading is the same problem.