Question Power outage causes potential hardware damages?

Jul 25, 2019
Recently went through a power outage from a storm. Thought nothing of it at first, until while playing rust around 30 minutes - hour afterward I started playing rust. While playing rust I immediately noticed that my game drastically began to underperform, I looked over to gpu tweak 2 and of course, 2010 core clock speed went down to 135 Mhz and spiked back up afterwards. And yes I did have a surge protector, and to note at the time I only had stock cooler and a few case fans. Ever since, a few things, stock clock speeds would no longer default to 2010 MHz resulting in fps drops, an occasional large fps drop that would half normal fps, and seemingly odd temperature readings( As if its too cold too be true). So I will list my specs and also list things that I have already replaced that are brand new.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700
GPU(NEW): ASUS Triple Fan RTX 2070 Supers
PSU(NEW): Gold edition 650W Corsair PSU
Mobo: ROG Strix B450-F Gaming
SSD: 1 250GB Samsung, 1 1TB samsung

Current solutions that I've already tried.
New PSU, New GPU, Wiping the computer for full reset to test software, Running windows apps to test ssd errors (none) and Memory errors(none). Putting the GPU in another PCIE slot, New CPU cooler to test thermal throttles(lower temps no results), adding a couple more fans for better airflow, Updating Drivers, updating Bios.

Reference: Using MSI Afterburner
Black ops 3: Stock Core clock speeds(1440mhz-2025mhz): 85-144 Fps, occasional 55 fps drop
Manual OC(2010Mhz) 130-144 fps Occasional 55 fps drop(as reference the card went up to 54 c from 52c when these drops occurred)

If possible I would like to know If these sudden default clock speeds from what used to be a straight 2010mhz is normal to fluctuate? And what is causing the occasional 55 fps drop( Me and a friend discussed it could be Mobo damage or ssd damage).