Power Problem - Power's Only On for a Split Second


Dec 8, 2012
I have a customer computer that uses the following motherboard:


It has been working for years just perfectly, I play on it every single day. I shut it down last night to go to work and I come home today and it wont turn on.

I opened the case to check it, and when I hit the power button, the cpu fan spins about 2 rotations and then all power is completely gone.

I mean it has been working just fine forever, nothing happened to it, and noone was messing with it. I just shut it down for the night and came back the next day and now this is the issue.

As mentioned when I hit the power button on the top of the case, the CPU spins about 2 - 3 rotations and then all power shuts off, there is nothing else after that.

Let me also add that i checked the connector between the power button and the motherboard it seems taht the power connector from the button to the mobo is a bit bent, but has always been that way.

Also i put on a new power supply to it and it is still doing the same thing.
I would disconnect all the drives and try just one memory stick at a time in the first ram slot. If you don't get a post screen, about the only other item you can check is to try the cpu in another board. That board may be at the end of it's life.