power problems


Aug 21, 2002

a few days ago, when I booted my computer, I got an error which prompted me to go into my BIOS. Inside the BIOS, it reoprted that the 3.3V was too low (it was red) at slightly less than 3V. it fluctuated between 2.9 and 3.08. Also, my CPU temperature increased very rapidly, reaching 49 degrees from 30 degrees in a few minutes (in the bios), even with the case open. Before, it was about 41-46 degrees with the case closed and programs running. Also, one of my hard disks had failed recently. Are any of these problems related? Could the low 3.3V cause the CPU temperature to go comparitively high? In my attempts to fix this, I reomved the bad hard disk and the 3.3V returned to 3.31V, which is great. I found this happens if I remove any of the drives. Is my power supply under too heavy of a load?

my components are:
Antec 300W power supply
P4 1.9 Ghz CPU
Asus P4B533 motherboard

Thanks in advance


Former Staff
The last question answers everything: I believe the answer is "yes".

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