May 21, 2004
I need help in deciding power supply for the following system:

p4 3.2
MSI neo2-fis2r (complete with all optional parts)
2 gb pc3200 ddr
nec dvd writer
audigy 2 zs (no platinum)
120 gb ata133 7200
80 gb sata 7200
radeon 9600xt - but might upgrade in future to x800xt
4 * simple 80mm fans
1 * 80mm neon light fan
1 * vantec tornado
1 * sound sensitive light
1 * crappy case light

my current psu is powermagic 550W max gold (some local)

now i ll be adding 2 * WD raptors @ 10K rpm in raid 0
Do i need more(new or additional) power? Or will the current one do with still left for more addons like the x800?

thanks a lot

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Former Staff
Hard to say. You could easily get by with a Fortron Source 400W or an Antec True Power 430W, but few if any of us would be familiar with your power supply. I'd try it simply because you have it there.

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