Power/Reset button


Nov 28, 2011
I bought new motherboard P8P67 LE, swopped it with my oldone. Managed to plug everything back, but my Power botton wouldnt power the system up and wouldnt power it down. Actually it burned out, when I tried to force power it down. I replaced it, but it wouldnt work anyway. Only way I can power my system up is by holding Memory OK button on my motherboard. Everything works OK afterwards. Reset function still works on the button though. Any ideas what to do and what could be the problem? Thanks
That is strange because the green wire to the PSU is power control input. The power switch applies a ground to that wire. The motherboard simply passes the signal through to the PSU. If the PSU is working properly properly, you will see 5 volts on that line. When you press the power switch, that voltage drops to 0 volts. This tells the power supply to turn on. If you press and hold the switch for about 3 - 5 seconds, that tells the PSU to shutdown.

When you press the switch, only a small current flows (.002 - .005 amps).

My guess is that you have something wrong with your power supply.