Question Power strips with switched outlets ?


Dec 24, 2013
Is anyone using one of those relatively new power-strips which have some of the outlets switchable ? I have tried, and returned two models which would be very useful-if they worked as specified: typically one of the outlets, usually called the 'control' is occupied by the power cord to the computer. When the computer is switched on the power draw through the outlet is sensed and the control logic switches on a sub-set of the other outlets. The other, unswitched outlets are on all the time, i.e. when the power strip is switched on, or just plugged into the wall if it has no master switch.

In both the models I tried, with the computer power cord plugged into the control port of the power strip, when I switched on the control port the computer switched on but would not boot because the monitor, which was plugged into the switched ports, received no power.

The product information did specify that the device in the control port should draw sufficient power to enable the switching circuitry to operate, and there was a small knob which could be used to vary this value up or down. To make a long story short, even with a lamp with a 60 Watt bulb plugged into the control port, the switched ports did not switch on.

As I said, the same thing happened on two different models of power outlets. I am baffled by it.


What specific (make and model) power-strip are you using? Source/seller?

Some power switch such as: TS1104-Eng.pdf

What make and model monitor (and other devices) are you connecting to the power-strip?

Could be that the power strip only works if an attached device (monitor) already has some minimal power draw to enable faster start-up.

E.g., some "fast start" or "quick start" like feature/function.

Phillip Corcoran

Could be the type of power-strip you've described is simply not suitable for using with a computer.
I've always used just a regular power-strip with my PC system, never given me any problems such as you've described.
I suggest you save yourself the hassle and do the same.

May be use that auto-switching power-strip for your TV and Stereo equipment, should work as intended with those.