Power Supply - 3 SATA 150 Drives


May 31, 2004
PC will potentially house 1 CD-Rom drive, 1 DVD drive and 3 SATA 150 drives.
Looking for reliable power supply of approximately 500 watts that will support
the SATA drives. Hopefully, power supply is less than $100 and reasonably

Hard to determine which power supplies support 3 SATA drives. If I read the
specs right for the Antec 550 TruePower, it does not.


Request opinions, brand/model #'s, web site references, ...


Former Staff
LOL, be optimistic!

1.) Most SATA drives include both SATA style power and 4-pin traditional power connectors, making SATA power redundant
2.) Most boards that support SATA drivs include SATA power adapters, making SATA power connectors on the power supply redundant.

I doubt you'll need more than 2 SATA power connections, even if your system uses 6 SATA drives and you buy drives with no 4-pin headers, your board will probably come with the needed adapters.

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