Power Supply BLEW UP?


May 19, 2012
Hey everyone, so I'm gonna try to make this as short as possible.... and I think I know what may have caused it.

So basically my Internet router kept shutting off by itself, restarting etc... so I called a technician. The guy told me to plug the router power cable to the wall outlet, saying that may have been the problem. So what I did was, I moved the power bar cable from the first outlet, to the second outlet.

Started up the computer... everything was fine... was listening to music I think (not sure) and then boom... computer shut off. It sounded like the sounds were coming from the power supply.

So I unplugged the PSU.... plugged it back in, but the computer doesn't want to start. But I still see a blue light on the motherboard (power light or something) but the computer doesn't wanna turn on...

So, do you guys think that my video card or anything else may have been effected?

Please let me know...thanks!
I don't think moving the AC plug from the router into another wall socket had anything to do with the PSU failure.

If you were lucky, the PSU sacrificed itself to protect your other parts.
The better quality models do that. The budget PSUs aren't so self-sacrificing and can sometimes allow other parts to be damaged.