Question Power supply buzzing/static noise noise, PC shuts off after extended use

May 24, 2020
I have a Corsair RM650 that is making a buzzing/static noise once booted. It does not start upon booting but immediately after done booting.

After using for awhile, my PC will shut off and boot back up. I believe that this is because the fan isn't working as I haven't seen it spin at all, even after playing GTA for 30 minutes.

However, my PSU may be overkill for my build, which could be why it doesn't turn on.

Z97 Gaming 5
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti

I have also noticed that after shutting off for the first time, it will shut off more regularly. This can happen after long periods of web-browsing, but I have found that the first occurrence happens more quickly after playing games or more intensive tasks, which makes me think it's a heat related issue.

I feel that these 2 are connected, but am not sure if it would be best to try and replace the fan, get a new PSU, or if there is some other factor that is contributing to the random shutting off.

I have recently deep-cleaned my PC and blew inside of my PSU, so I highly doubt it is a dust-related issue (the issue of the noise has been happening for over a year, the random rebooting has been happening for a month or so, so I didn't do damage in this process).

Please ask questions if you need more information. I'm fairly amateur , so I'm not sure of all of the information needed!

Vic 40

Can look at heat and such with this,

download hwinfo64,
install and open it,
check "sensors-only",
click "run".
Might be psu, migth be older age of other parts. Does/can it after the first shut off reboot immidiately?

Tested with the igp? Means take the gtx 1050 ti out, use motherboard back i/o video out for image.