Question Power Supply compatibility Cooler Master Thunder 600


Jun 30, 2019
Hi all,

I just want to ask that i am going to upgrade my current system to Intel Core i5 10500 and Gigabyte Z490 Motherboard now as i have seen in most of the boards the CPU connector in 8+4 pin, But as my Power Supply has only 8 pin,so can i use my power supply to power the gigabyte z490 motherboard without having a extra 4 pin

Moreover i dont do OverClocking or anything like that.

My power Supply-----Cooler Master Thunder 600


Retired Mod
I'm sorry, but your Cooler master "Thunder" power supply isn't very good, AND more importantly it's a VERY old platform, that wasn't very good when it was brand new to be honest. Even if you bought it recently, in the last year or two, the unit itself is likely more like 7-10 years old, or more.

So no, I would not advise using it with that configuration, but just as important might be why you are intending to use a locked CPU with an unlocked motherboard? You can't overclock the CPU anyhow, no matter what board you use, and going with a lower tiered chipset would likely eliminate the requirement or need for the extra 4 pin EPS connector anyhow. Look to the H or B series boards for your i5-10500 unless you are intending to run high speed memory faster than 2666mhz.