Power Supply cords want pull out

em16 amaze

Feb 11, 2012
Im trying to install a new PSU and some of the cords want come out, The one to the motherboard seems locked because it's so tight. I have a 240 MM Corsair Liquid Cooling system and I heard you have to remove it to undo the PSU. This True?


Dec 12, 2011
EM you need to be clearer about what you are asking for.

What you have written doesn't make alot of sense.

You are trying to install a new Power supply.... Ok got that.
Some of the cords want to come out. Not sure what that means do you have a semi modular PSU? What do they want to come out of?
The One to the motherboard seems locked because its so tight? Ok first is it an ATX motherboard and PSU or something different? Do you mean it has a locking latch? We are confused.

No one is really sure what you are asking for.

Oh and its great you have a water cooler please tell use about the rest of the system and maybe post an inside pick so we can get an idea of whats going on.
The PSU and the LCL from corsair are 2 different things altogether. One is not connected to the other and unless some wires have been screwed or have got wedged between the mobo and the back mobo mounting panel, you shouldn't need to use excessive force to get them out.
Just need to make sure that all those wires from the PSU to the mobo are locked in with clips that latch onto the sockets on the Mobo. Make sure to press down on those clips to free the locks while pulling the wires out or you will end up braking something.

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