Mar 6, 2004
So is there any way to test to see if a power supply is dieing? Because me hardrive is being weird and I need to know if my power supply is the colporate so I dont buy another hard drive and just have the same problems

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Oct 1, 2003
1) Go into BIOS, usually under "PC Health" or something similar and check the power rails to see if the +12volts is actually +12 and so forth. They s/b within 10% of stated voltage.

2) Better, download free program Motherboard Monitor 5 (MBM5). Install and run the "dashboard". It will display all the rails and as you work on your pc you can monitor the flucuations to make sure they are within tolerance.

I understand you can set MBM5 to monitor in increments of 5 seconds and make a report, so that when problems happen you can call up the report and see if power started to flucuate badly causing the problem.

I think you can also use a multimeter to check the rails. But I'm guessing if you had one of those you wouldn't be posting this question :)

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