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Personally I believe if we are going to error, it really should be on the side of caution and or safety.

I would rather over recommend within reason and have the person end up with a quality unit that will last.

Yeah, you are correct, way too much really.

Would rather error on the side of caution personally as long as it's within reason.


I agree, but just prefer to do it without the sensationalism that is more characteristic of the lamestream media. I wouldn't put a VS in even a business box, but it's not because I'd be worried about a fire.

Never said anything about a fire, I just said it was a POS because it is.

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The VS and the old CX are the same PSU. the VS being the 220w version, because it was such a cheap junk build it wasn't internally switching like any good recent PSU. neither ones are what I would call housefire quality. But also both models had a hard time putting out the amperage needed for any midrange or higher GPU. When they were still new that was the common thread here. People would have a CX or VS, buy a GPU like a GTX 970 or R9 290X and either it would crash immediately upon a game starting, or crash after playing for like 10 minutes.

I of course don't need to explain to this group that continually crashing your PC isn't the best for the health of your hard drive's data.

That's not the same PSU that I found on a lot of sites for sale for about $40 new.

Have to punch the exact model number in etc.

In Win PSU IP-P1K2BK3-3 ATX 1200W 80Plus Bronze Bulk

You can't even buy one on any US site.




I can buy that specific unit in my local store for €49.90,
link: https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/Arvutikomponendid-Toiteplokid-PSU-PSU-1200W177/INWIN-In-Win-PSU-IP-P1K2BK3-3-ATX-1200W-80Plus-pronks-BULK-toitekaablita-342615

2nd local retailer offers same unit for €95.51,
link: https://www.1a.ee/arvutikomponendid_vorgutooted/korpused_jahutid/toiteplokid/in_win_psu_ipp1k2bk33_atx_1200w

and 3rd local retailer wants €96.02 for it,
link: http://faun.ee/win-psu-ip-p1k2bk3-3-atx-1200w-80plus-bronze-bulk

So, it's readily available in this part of the world.


Honestly, I'm not seeing any numbers of these with problems that seem to be any more consistent than what we're seeing on other power supplies as well, unlike the older CX and CS units that we saw MANY of on a daily basis. I just can't say these newer units have the same problems. I don't recommend them unless it's essential based on budget because there are so many other obviously better units within fairly reasonable reach of the price of those, but in some cases it's going to be an option for people who simply need something better than what they have now.

Obviously, a 550w CXm unit doesn't belong paired with a 980 TI, but that is a different kind of stupid and isn't the fault of the power supply.

I think if people would stop recommending them in gaming machines there wouldn't be a problem, especially higher end gaming machines.

But we see people recommending them anyway, like you said a different kind of stupid and it happens way too often.

Can't really blame Corsair as they have made it clear what the CX units are for, and more than a few times.

It's the idiots that recommend them for what they aren't meant to run that are the issue.

Makes my head hurt every time I see this stupidity.


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I agree with darkbreeze here regarding the CXxxxM PSUs. I would totally use them in a budget gaming machine even with the GPU.

Specifically the old CX and VS units would fail under high current draw. So if you used them with a GPU they would clip out. But old and new would never be a house fire level problem. The CXM though, while 550 is underpowered for a 980ti, its not the garbage its predecessor was.

The only real difference that matters between the old and the new is the new ones won't fry the PC parts like the old ones did.

They are still basically the same units, just better protection than the old ones.


Whether or not people accurately recommend them for use with a specific type of configuration that it is suited for has very little to do with whether or not these 2017-present units are prone to higher than normal failure rates for the class of power supplies which are near them in price. Obviously, if you run one that is underpowered, based on recommendation (Realhardtechx or board partner specifications for example), it's not going to hold up for long. That would apply to even the best of units though.

These are not units designed to last ten years, so if they last 3-5, under demanding conditions that are WITHIN the range they were intended to be used with, then I think they are ok as an option if you absolutely can't do better. Unlike the CS and older CX units which I would never recommend to anybody other than a handful of users in regions where those ARE probably the best unit they can even get their hands on without paying outrageous prices for one.



LOL, no, that's not the only difference. They have much better internal build quality than older models. Different caps, different protections, different cooling profiles and larger heatsinks. Totally different in the grand scheme of things. Most those older units failed due to poor capacitor selection and heat.

There will be more as time goes on. ;)

Now that they are starting to see some age, just like the old ones.


And none of that will really matter in the long run, they are budget units, they cuts costs to keep prices down.

In time as I said we will see more.

Corporations don't give anything away for free, it's all about the bottom line. ;)

I would love to see a REAL review and full test of true off the shelf units instead of the Corsair supplied ones. ;)


Actually, they do. EVGA has for many years taken losses on some models of their power supplies to bolster their name, increase their reputation and then start charging appropriately for those units once it was realized that they were of superior quality. Of course, that does nothing for the other EVGA units that are probably just as bad as the lower end Corsair models.

When the products are new sometimes they offer rebates etc, but that's not a long term solution obviously.

Those are 220V units though, maybe that could be part of the issue converting them for 110V?

110V is much harder on the PSU's than 220V from what I have read.

There was something about the power in Japan that was very hard on PSU's, much harder than the in the US.

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And not everybody needs a $99 Gold Seasonic on their build. These units do have a place. And this is coming from a guy with a $180 Titanium Seasonic.

While I have heard of the old ones damaging components (happened to USAFRet IIRC) that was rare compared to other brands by far.

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