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Never said they did. ;)

But match the parts to the use intended is the real point.

People would have a lot less problems in the end.

And MOST as in almost all of the ones recommending those things aren't running them their own machines nor would they ever.

When it comes down to spending their own money they don't buy those things normally, that says a lot.

I check when they get recommended by people what they are actually running in THEIR machines. And I have called them on it a few times also because I think it's freaking BS.

Personally I would NEVER recommend something to anyone else that I wouldn't actually put in my own PC>

Recommending parts isn't an experiment IMO when real money is involved. I don't get into the politics or whatever it is about some of these PSU's and whatever loyalty people seem to have for various reasons.

How people can actually recommend something to anyone else that is asking for help that they themselves wouldn't or don't use is beyond me and completely negligent IMO.



Yes. A 2012 era CX600.
Died, and ate the motherboard in doing so.

I remember you talking about that.




I long for a basement.
Local water table dictates otherwise.


Ooh, that sucks. It does give you fewer headaches not having a basement. Like this one I'm currently working on today at my house. Floor joist cracked not just as you see in the picture, but also in three other places. 15 foot span dead center in my dining room. Couldn't figure out why the floor in that room creaked so much and why the china cabinet shakes everything. Pulled the drywall from the ceiling downstairs. Oh damn, nice.


Well the CXM took out the graphics card.... WOW, big surprise there.... And another part falls victim to a CXM. ;)

And another gone, and another gone and another one bites the dust.....

They tried the GPU in another machine, same thing happened so it's history.

They got a new PSU.

I suppose maybe some year or decade people will learn to stop buying those freaking things and putting them in machines that they don't belong in.

However I seriously doubt it so we will continue to see these sorts of things because idiots keep recommending them.

He got the CXM in the 1st place because it was recommended to him for that machine. And it was on this forum by over a dozen people in 2 threads from what he said. That doesn't surprise me at all. :sarcastic:

Personally I think Corsair needs to man up and make it VERY CLEAR (BLUNTLY) what those VS and CX units are for so maybe morons will stop recommending them for machines they don't belong in.

Idiots would still recommended them so I doubt it would work.


Just stick to the Seasonic and there's no issues. :D Though, granted that Seasonic isn't available all over the world but they are expanding while still keeping good build quality within reasonable pricing.

I can understand that sometimes there are limited options available, but when there are plenty of options there is no excuse whatsoever.

Budget really isn't an excuse when a person is building a higher end machine were these PSU's shouldn't be recommended in the 1st place.

Seen way too many recommendations that these and other budget units have no business being in.



Corsair is popular brand and many people are eager to suggest their PSUs, even low-end ones without knowing the truth behind those PSUs. Also, i don't think Corsair would deliberately downplay their "budget" PSUs, to create more awareness in people, which in turn causes them to loose sales. So, it's up to us (experts) to educate other people about those PSUs since if we don't do nothing about it, who will?



Actually, that's not true. It doesn't matter what brand you choose, there are always potential issues. Just look at the recent problems using Focus power supplies with Strix and Vega graphics cards. Major coil whine issues, which are resolved by using practically any other PSU including a different PSU series from Seasonic. We've also seen this with some RM Corsair units with OTHER graphics cards.


Until there is some unifying standard way of implementing these internal platforms and getting ALL board partners on the same page in terms of their implementations, I suppose there will never be any one size fits all solution.

Oh I agree, I doubt they would do that also, they would rather sell units like that and make money and leave the end users to learn the hard way.


No maker is perfect, they all have produced duds over the years and or had to adjust the units due to issues.

I do agree there needs to be a strict standard though.

They need to do away with the budget units overall and focus on quality even on the lower wattage PSU's. Like back in the day when pretty much everything was rock solid before the cheap crap started coming out and wreaked everything.

I believe it was the late 90's when the 1st cheap $500 PC's came out and it was down hill after that as far as quality went. Soon after that was when the junk stated to hit the market. That's when we really had to start watching what we bought.


There has always been cheap products when it comes to electronics and power supplies were no different. Just look at the stuff Radio shack used to sell. They had very high end stuff and a lot of really cheap stuff too. Ultra, a subsidary of Midwest micro, has been selling junk power supplies since at least 1991, possibly longer than that.



"Strict standards" will be ignored by companies that think they can get away with it for a while, shaving $5 off the shelf price.
Get caught, fined (by whom?), and just roll over the same crap into another "brand name".

As long as it does not actually explode right out of the box, all is good, right?

Never shopped at Radio Shack. :D

Used to buy everything from a local PC Distributor when I used to work in the industry.

The only junk they had was the PSU's that came in the cases, but even most of them weren't that bad for basic builds, mostly Sparkle Units.

Yeah, that's so true. LOL

You know the old saying a sucker and their money are soon parted.

And people looking for a deal or to get over are the biggest suckers of them all.

They are asking to get ripped off.

The reason why a lot of the time I find things amusing.

I try and tell people to look at quality 1st, but a lot of people don't listen and go cheap and get burned.

I stopped building PC's for people a long time ago, as time went on People wanted cheap and cheaper PC's and I just stopped because it just wasn't worth the time anymore. AND I WAS BUYING PARTS AT WHOLESALE.

Saga Lout

For years, to find a PSU over 350W in this town, it was going to be a Corsair CX whether buying form the big stores (choice of two) and the Trade counter.

I must have bought over a hundred down the years and never had a fault come-back from anyone. I have two 650s in stock but they might be sold as part of a block sale if I decide to pack it in someday soon.

Laptops weigh in heavily more than stand up PCs these days and I haven't had to build one for five weeks now.



Friends don't let friends buy Coolermaster.
Dec 15, 2018
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 + GTX 1060?

I just bought an HP EliteDesk 800 G1 i7-4770 and MSI GTX 1060 AERO 3G OC. PSU is the 320W HP proprietary and apparently difficult to change as discussed here >>> http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2302723/elite-desk-800-psu.html. Can it work? Can I limit the watt consumption of the CPU and/or GPU? (I know it's a pity but if I don't need all that power, then why not) Alternatively, is it possible that some other and more powerful HP PSU, from other HP computer can fit?



This thread is specifically general discussion about power supplies. If you have a specific problem you're asking about, start a new thread with your complete specs.


Found a peculiar issue with the latest XFX PSUs. Besides this leaked info here,
link: http://www.orionpsudb.com/news/xfx-will-rebrand-seasonics-flagship-prime-titaniumplatinumgold-line-as-the-xfx-xti-xts2-and-xtr2-series

There are no other info about the rebranded Seasonic PRIME series PSUs by XFX. Those three PSU series aren't listed even on the XFX official webpage,
link: http://www.xfxforce.com/en-us

Only PSU, among the rumored 16x PSUs, which is confirmed and also listed on the XFX website is the XTI 1000W unit,
specs: http://www.xfxforce.com/en-us/products/xti-series-titanium/xti-series-1000w-psu-p1-1000-xtix
TH article: https://www.tomshardware.co.uk/xfx-releases-xti1000-psu,news-57806.html

Also, i couldn't find any PSU review of the 3 mentioned XFX PSU series as well. It's like XFX XTI (except XTI 1000W), XTS2 and XTR2 doesn't exist. But what makes the whole thing peculiar is that when searching any of the new XFX units from the net, they are on sale on several stores.

Even my local store carries the new XFX series PSUs, e.g:
XTI 850W, link: https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/Arvutikomponendid-Toiteplokid-PSU/XFX-XTi-850W-Full-Modular-80-Titanium-8x-PEG-135mm-330658
XTI 1000W, link: https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/Arvutikomponendid-Toiteplokid-PSU/XFX-XTi-1000W-Full-Modular-80-Titanium-8x-PEG-135mm-315146

XTS2 1200W, link: https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/Arvutikomponendid-Toiteplokid-PSU-PSU-1200W177/XFX-XFX-XTS2-1200W-309639

XTR2 550W, link: https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/0/XFX-toiteplokk-XTR2-550W-Full-Modular-361679
XTR2 650W, link: https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/Arvutikomponendid-Toiteplokid-PSU-PSU-600W-650W/361680
XTR2 750W, link: https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/Arvutikomponendid-Toiteplokid-PSU-PSU-700W-800W/361681
XTR2 850W, link: https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/0/XFX-toiteplokk-XTR2-850W-Full-Modular-361682

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