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Mar 7, 2019
Seasonic 650 watt focus gold plus or
EVGA supernova 650 watt G3 80+ gold?
And will both of it run my i7-9700k And rtx 2080? If yes which one is better?


Eh, I think the G3 is a better unit than the Focus plus. Now if it was a Seasonic Prime, there'd be no question. But as RL said, both are excellent no matter what, and I could be wrong. Seems I heard something negative about the G3 as compared to the G2 units. I know it's smaller and I think the issue was a slightly louder fan profile. Other than that though, IIRC the G3 has pretty much mythic levels of everything.
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Saw that. Also saw they were group regulated except the higher capacity models. The old M12II 650, 750 and 850w models were all DC to DC too. Probably same platform as those used on these higher wattage S12II models, IDK. I asked Aris about this a while back. Think there's a post in this thread about this as well.
I also just noticed the Seasonic S12III and was looking for more information on it, specifically how they compare to the now older S12II. Has anyone been able to find a review or any other further information? $24.99 USD after $15.00 rebate card for the 500W model until Tuesday 03-19-2019, the regular price appears to be $39.99 on newegg.com.

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