Power Supply DOA Test


Jan 12, 2012
Hello TH,

Just have a quick question. I'm going to be building my first custom build in June because I'm waiting for Ivy Bridge to come out.

I found the following power supply:


It's a reasonably good price and I'm considering buying it tonight because of the good price. I wouldn't be using it for 2 months, and I would want to know if it is DOA because after 30 days I can't return it to Newegg for a replacement. Note that I can't put it in a computer to check because I don't have a desktop, only a laptop at the moment.

Finally to the question: Is there any way to check if a PSU is DOA without hooking it up to a computer?

Thanks in advance for the answers! :)
It won't damage the PSU if done correctly. You would need to read the warranty to verify if it would be voided. Another option is to get a PSU power tester like the Rosewill RTK PST: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16899261023&Tpk=rtk%20pst

Edit: What's nice about the tester is that you can connect a variety of cables and you get voltage readouts for all the voltage rails. I have one and it's helped me ID some bad PSUs. The only bad thing about either method is that you don't get a test under load.