Power supply for i7 2700k


May 24, 2012
hi i have the following configuration

graphic card : hd 5850
cpu : core 2 duo e7300
power supply : cooler master 600watts

i want to buy an i7 2700k so i want to know if i need to buy a new power supply to run it

A good 600 watts PSU is adequate. The question is how good is the CM brand in power supplies. I would go with Corsair, Seasonic, Antec. Watch for sales at Newegg. I was able to buy and Antec 620 watts PSU for $35 on promo and rebate.

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Just thought I'd chime in with some actual numbers from my own system that is similar.

Items drawing power:

4 sticks of DD3
3 HDD's
6x fans

My Kill-O-Watt power meter reads mid to high 90's at idle, usually around 97W. Playing a game goes up to 280W. Running Intel Burn Test and Furmark simultaneously I pull about 400W.

no. we are saying if it is a silent pro cooler master you should fine. Otherwise we are saying that you should switch PSU's as the other series from Cooler Master are not very good.

Good info! Thanks!