Power supply for my new HP computer


Jan 11, 2010
Hello all , new comer to the forums here. I've read reviews of the site and was pleased so I am asking my question here.

I have recently purchased a customized HP p6280t desktop computer. I have upgraded it to Q8400 processor with 6 GB memory, I purchased a 20 inch wide screen monitor.

I held off buying a video card, because I have been eyeing the GeForce 9800GT.

My dilemma is, the power supply listed on the computer is 300W maximum, where as the graphics card lists it requires a 400W minimum power supply.

I have read that the PSU can be upgraded to "any standard ATX PSU", but I am clueless as to what that is.

My question, or request rather, would to be to any knowledgeable tech's out there; if some examples of this type of PSU could be linked from a reputable site such as newegg?

I apologize for such a request, I just fear a non compatible purchase and the hassle of online returns.

All help is greatly appreciated, have a nice day.