Question Power Supply issue

Aug 10, 2021
coil whine. that's a pretty annoying one, but it's definitely coil whine. I LOATHE coil whine and can hear it in everything. Both my monitors, my PSU, and sometimes my GPU (it was worse with my old 1060 before I got my 3070)... I'm just SUPER sensitive as I have to wear earplugs whenever I work around a computer or I start having anxiety attacks. I can hear coil whine from TVs, subwoofers, monitors, power strips, PSUs etc... my wife can't even hear them but it's always humming and buzzing anywhere I'm near electronics that are turned on and that have coils (this PC is the first time it's actually truly pissed me off because with so many 140mm fans it runs so dead quiet compared to my old Corsair carbide case with 120mm fans running a freaking wind tunnel, so I can hear every damn electronic coil humming from 30 feet away)
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