Question Power supply making annoying clicking sounds, should I replace?

Nov 23, 2020
What did you end up doing in the end? I got the exact same PSU as you earlier on in the year (around July) and have noticed the exact same sound as you recorded... only when i start gaming though (so as my PSU draws more power and the fan speeds up it starts). Its silent at idle, so im guessing its nothing serious, just a nuisance... I don't really want to return it, as I wont have a pc for 2 weeks... and as i didn't register it within 30 days i cant even do an advanced RMA... I also don't want to take it apart as that will void the warranty...

Edit: I have taken it out of the case, to clear any dust, and given it a rattle to see if there was something loose inside, but I couldn't hear anything... the problem is still occurring...
Edit 2: I have also tightened up the screws on the back, and tried it with them loosened off to see if that makes any difference... still the same thing though...