Power Supply Meets GTX295 Requirements?


Sep 9, 2009
I am looking to purchase the NVidia GTX295 card shown here:

I currently have the power supply shown here:

I want to make sure that my power supply can run this, but I'm not entirely familiar with power supply terminology. I know that the card requires a PS with +12V current rating of 46 Amps, which this PS does have, however it's split over 4 +12V outputs, at 18A each. I'm guessing two of the 12V rails are the 2 PCI-e connectors (6-pin), and I'm not sure where the other two are.

The video card itself requires an 8-pin and a 6-pin connection, and looks like it comes with a 2 6-pin to 1 8-pin power cable, and one 2 4-pin peripheral to 1 6-pin peripheral power cable. The only way I can see to make this work is to use both of the PS 6-pin connections and two of the PS 4-pin peripheral connections for this card. Would this provide enough or am I going to need to look for a new PS that has the 8-pin PCI-E connection with more Amps on each rail?
Yes, your PSU has sufficient ratings to run the 295. And the connections you plan to use should work fine. So as long as your psu is still delivering clean power at or near its ratings, you should be fine.

Two points:
The 46 amps is an estimated total current for the whole computer.

The total 12 volt current rating is not 4 X 18 amps or 72 amps or 864 watts. Look at the second line on the PSU label. It says a maximum of 750 watts or 62.5 amps at 12 volts. That means each of the four rails can put out up to 18 amps, but the total can not be more than 62.5 amps.