Question Power supply noise issue


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What noise are you talking about? All I can hear is the normal hum of a PC running, fans etc., and the sound of some clothing or something scraping against the microphone. I don't hear anything unusual there.

Try putting the mic next to the power supply and allowing it to record for a few minutes, without moving anything around that will add unwanted noises to the recording, and then if the noise you want to know about happens point out the exact time stamp in the video where it happens because otherwise all we are hearing (And it is notoriously hard to capture unusual noises in a PC unless they are extremely obvious) is the normal hum and whirr of case fans, CPU cooler and PSU fan.
Are you sure you're recording the noise you're wanting to record?

Maybe describe the noise. Buzz? Hum? Zap?

And "randomly" means... at low loads? During games? When in standby? Or truly random as in; you're PC is just sitting at the desktop and the noise comes and goes?
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