Power Supply or other problem?


Feb 4, 2010
So i really couldn't find a category to put this in, since im not really sure where the problem is...but here goes nothing,

So i did post something last not (kinda related to something else) but since i found a new problem, i'd figure id make a new post.

So i installed a CM Hyper 212 plus to replace my stock intel cooler.

my PC specs are:
i7-920 (w/ 212+)
6gb Corsair DDR3-1333mhz ram
640gb WD Caviar Black hdd
CM eXtreme 500w PSU
PCI Wireless card
5 case fans (3 red led CM, 2 stock antec tricool)
Antec 300 Case

After i installed my new heatsink, i tested it out, but my PC wouldn't boot up any image onto my monitor, but it would still turn on, i removed all the ram, and it made 1 "bzzt/beep" sound.

i tried removing the 3 CM case fans, still didnt work, so i removed the fans AND 4gb or RAM and it worked. so now i have to run my PC with 2 gb's of ram or it won't run.

is this a Power supply problem? im pretty sure the power plugs are in correctly...i just find it strange how it could run everything before, but now i have a new heatsink and that caused the problem.

on the brightside, my cpu runs 10 degrees cooler idle...lol..
Tight Cooling May Limit RAM!
Sounds kind of crazy, but we have verified that testing here today. We had an ASUS P55 system that was "losing" half of its installed RAM. After about 7 hours of testing here today, we finally have verified what the issue is. It seems that I was tightening the water block down too tight on the P55 chipset motherboard. Simply loosening the water block solved the issue and allowed all the RAM to be seen.
Do follow the troubleshooting checklist, but my money's on the PSU. Your Coolermaster PSU is overrated. A quality 500W PSU should be enough for that rig. Choose one that has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and is 80+ certified. Antec, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, and Enermax are among the better brands.