Question Power supply overheat damaged motherboard and cpu?

Feb 27, 2020
Recenly i decided to upgrade my pc. I installed new gpu gtx 1060 (from gt 610). Everything was working fine, installed drivers, system recognized it. So i went to try out some games. My PSU was like 10 years old (500w) and its fan didnt work, which i didnt see at first. It overheated, and pc turned off. The old PSU was done, installed a new one from s friend (550w, never used). After connecting Everything the pc turned on, but no monitor was recognized, and it turned off after like 3 minutes. It wont turn on now, just fans spin a couple of times. My question is : did the PSU break motherboard with it? Or maybe CPU? Thanks for answers.
Reset the BIOS of the motherboard

Which power supply was it and is installed currently?

Did you connect all power cables to the motherboard (ATX12V 8pin and ATX24pin) and the video cable to the graphics card as well as the PICe power cable to it?

Can you check the system with your old GPU?

The faulty power supply could have damaged the motherboard or the GPU. Not likely the CPU.