Power Supply problem or video card problem?


Sep 3, 2004
ok, here is my problem. i purchased a bfg ti4200 from woot.com about a month ago. i havent had any big problems with it until recently. I tried to install diablo 2 yesterday and during the video test it froze. after i restarted it, (during system check, memory test, floppy check) i get missing letters here and there on system check screen (and weird letters in the middle of the back screens and such). so i restarted and went into the bios and once again lots of letters were missing. then i updated the bios and once in a while i get jumbled up letters in the boot screen. today, i got a display adapter failure after leaving the computer to get something to eat, so i restarted and then i updated to sp2. then i just ran the fresh diagnose video test and it froze. I called BFG for an rma but they said it sounded like a power supply problem and told me to try it on another sytem before i try to send it in.

anyonw know if it could be a power supply problem? i mean i ran C&C Generals before and it ran fine and it still runs fine (i can play it right now with no problems). i also had a 0x0000009c error problem but it seems to have been fixed with a new dimm of ram. anyone have any suggestions because i am very frustrated? :-(

AMD Throughbred 2800+
Soyo k7vme motherboard /w latest bios
40 gig WD hard drive
BFG Ti4200 128 4x agp /w latest drivers
Generic 300W power supply
1 panaflow case fan

vcore: 1.64-1.67
+5v: 5.08-5.13
ddr: 2.52
+3.3v: 3.29-3.31
cpu: 47C
Chasis: 33C<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by maul1616 on 09/03/04 12:09 PM.</EM></FONT></P>


Apr 22, 2003
I have a Ti4200 and have had lots of problems with games freezing in the past. It was bizzare and only froze on some games, not others (Couldn't play Splinter Cell, but no problems with Raven Shield). It turned out to be an overheating problem with the CPU. Make sure your case is well venitlated, dust free, and maybe get a better CPU fan.