Question power supply surges detected during the previous power on


Jan 30, 2019
Using the computer then the pc shuts it self down and boots on its own and I got the Title error in bios.I was playing hearthstone for 3 minutes when this occured. Issues with power started 3 weeks back when I had to first replug my pc before it will boot(I still have to do that unless it wont boot-It starts booting then "dies" then starts booting on its own and "dies" again, after that I need to replug it and it works fine(?!?). Its a newer PSU that I have bought 3 months ago and worked untill the last 3 weeks when problems started. Also the performance of pc during gameplay stayed the same if that means something.
CPU:FX 8300(I have not overclocked it)
GPU: RX 580 4gb (I have not overclocked it)
Psu:Cooler Master MWE White 500W
Motherboard:Asus M5A78L-M LE/USB3
And I have a Toshibas 1 terabyte sata 3 7200rpm hard drive

Keep in mind that this does not happen every session. It is random and yesterday I played Beyond Good and Evil 3 hours non stop, the week before 2 hours of overwatch(did not shut down the days I played for longer than 1 hour) and now I played hearthstone 3 minutes and this happened. I am currently running the pc and have not touched anything in the BIOS settings. What could be the issue here?

When booting again I get the issue from as in the title and an Anti Surge thing was used or somesuch. This is the second time the pc shuts itself down while I was playing something.