Question power supply upgrade

power supply upgrade
dell optiplex SFF
to upgrade the power supply you also need to replace the motherboard because they use a proprietary Dell connection.

but you cannot replace the power supply or motherboard without also replacing the tower they are located in.
this being a proprietary system means that standard components will not fit in it's available locations.
can I run a 1030 graphic card?
the GTX 1030s that i have seen do not require any PCIe power cable,
but the majority of them that i've seen require at least a 300w power supply.
you may be able to search around and find a model that requires lower power though.

if you are really looking to upgrade anything the best option will be to just start an entire new build.
dell optiplex SFF 240w PSU, can I run a 1030 graphic card?
You provided little info so I will respond with that in mind. The GT1030 is only a 30 watt card so it's unlikely to push your Dell power supply over the edge. Without knowing the exact PSU model number I can't say for sure. The SFF case will probably require a low profile, single slot GT 1030 and you'll have to verify the length of the card fits by opening the case and checking for any internal components that may or may not interfere with installation. Without more system info it's impossible to say for sure, but I'd say you have a pretty good chance of it working ok with a low profile, single slot GT 1030.
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