Question Power Supply

Mar 17, 2019
Hey everyone,

Can anyone please help me with my situation. So I am upgrading my GPU to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 and also my CPU to the Intel i-7 8700K. My current power supply doesn't have sufficient wattage to run these new components. However, I did purchase a new PSU with 850W of power. This PSU doesn't have a cable with a 24 pin connector for the motherboard, only 16 6-pin connections (6 black ones labeled R1-R6, 3 red ones under CPU/MB R7-R9, 3 white ones under HDD/ODD, and 4 (1 white, 1 blue, 1 black and 1 red) under ATX Connector). How can I get this plugged into my motherboard? I am at a loss and Googling isn't leading me anywhere. Please help, and thank you in advance! I am assuming I have to manually connect cables and what not to make it work? Help with all cables I need would be appreciated!

- Chris



If it didn't come with cables your kinda boned. Modular cables are PSU specific, use the wrong ones and there's a good chance you'll be left with a dead PSU and fried components. Hopefully you can return that OEM Dell unit and buy a PSU that comes with the needed cables.