Question Power sure broke my PC?

Jul 23, 2021
Hey guys I'm having and issue with my PC. Our apartment lost power while I was on my PC when it came back on and I tried to power it up it frozen on the MSI bios logo.

I tried the standard unplug PSU hold power button and wait a few minutes a few times. I also tried using a USB recovery tool but that never worked. Eventually I got to the recovery tool screen to locally reinstall windows and it was fine for a few hours last night. This morning will watching a video I got the blue screen :(. I also got a Critical Process Died error.
Any help would be appreciated!. Also sometimes I can get to the bios menu but then that freezes too. The motherboard EZdebug LED CPU light is on. This PC has been running fine since I put it together a year ago.

Ryzen 5 3600
Msi B45 Bazooka Max
Msi 1050ti
EVGA 500w
Windows 10 Pro
Sandisk 3D SSD boot drive
WD blue
EVGA 500w 80 plus
Not enough info, there must be more than that. If it's one of their 80 plus white range, it'll be a poor unit.

You need to open your case and get the exact model number, there will be one. All you've given above is the brand, power rating and efficiency rating, which tells us nothing.

It does sound like the power supply didn't take the power cut well though.