Question "Power surge detected" every time when powering on

Apr 25, 2020
My mom's computer worked fine for almost 5 years now, but one day it just suddenly turned off. When we tried powering it on again, we got this message:
Power surge detected during last power-on. ASUS Anti Surge was triggered to protect from unstable power supply!
After that, when booting to Windows, the PC would stay on for about 10 minutes before powering off again.
Then, pressing the power button literally didn't do anything - we had to wait some time and then it was able to power on, for some reason.

Thinking the problem was with the PSU, I replaced it with one from an older PC (but with the same wattage: 550W) and a different problem happened: Now windows will not boot at all, and trying to select it from the boot menu causes the PC to restart immediately and show the same Anti Surge message.

So if the problem is not in the PSU, what could it be?
I have heard in some places that Anti Surge may be incorrect sometimes and that you can disable it, but I want to find out if other things can be done instead.
UPDATE: Trying to disable Anti Surge didn't do much. Windows did boot somewhat, it went through some "Setting up devices" process, but after it finished it just went back to BIOS.
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Be very wary about fixes and solutions that appear "in some places".

You do not want to disable a built in protection feature.

And although swapping the PSU is fair game for troubleshooting purposes, a potentially even older PSU would not be conclusive.

Update your post to include full hardware specs and OS information for your Mom's computer.

And go to the ASUS website to locate the applicable User Guide/Manual for the motherboard.

Also search the Forums and FAQs for information about the anti-surge protection and related problems.

More information needed.