Question Power surge killed some of my parts, but I don't know which

Mar 17, 2020
So basically title.
Yesterday I had a power surge and apparently some of my parts died out. One of them was guaranteedly my graphics card, an RX480, which doesn't even give out a signal.
I have no clue about other parts. I cannot boot into windows nor into safe mode. I formatted the computer thinking something might have gotten corrupted but to no avail.

I currently get stuck at this screen:

Stuck on this screen every single time
It never goes through. I tried reformatting, resetting my BIOS, tried using another HDD thinking it might be my hard drive's problem, nothing works. I realise I might have faulty parts and I wanna order new ones, but Idk what's going wrong.
Would someone be willing to help me troubleshoot this? I suspect it's something Mobo related, and I seriously hope it wasn't the CPU since it's the most expensive part and I probably cannot afford a new one rn. Really don't wanna spend my quarentine without FF XIV :'(.
Please help me if you can so I can just order the new parts and be done with it. I'd be grateful beyond words.

PS: forgot to say, I can move my mouse pointer on said screen that I get stuck on, it's just the image that freezes like that.