[SOLVED] Power surge symptoms on PC


Jan 23, 2014
Had a room inspection for my flat and unbeknownst to me they were also testing the electricity. While the guy was inspecting I left to fill out a form at the reception and came back to my screen saying there was a power surge and a burnt smell. My computer was on while he was testing it, I asked him about it and he said he only turned the switch connected to the lights and heater in the power box on and off. And he said the burnt smell was from the heater (I never used it so I didn't know). And I guess that might have tripped the power for my computer, bearing in mind it's not an actual power surge? But my screen says it is so I am not too sure.

Anyway my computer booted back up, two problems I found was my mic had static noise a couple times but seems to be fine after replugging the usb. Second is DOTA 2 on Steam was uninstalled, though the game files are still in the folder so Steam just had to verify it. The game was installed on my HDD while my OS on a primary SSD.

So far everything seems to be fine but I am worried it might have screwed something up, like my HDD for example since the game was removed for some reason but it seems fine so far. Anyways are there any symptoms I should be looking for or what kinda damage would this particular case do to my PC?

PSU : Corsair VS650 (650 watt)

Thanks in advance.