Question Power/Thermal control Issues laptop


Nov 7, 2011

I have 2 Dell 5521 laptops that have been there for a while.
you would be playin a game at a decent performance when all of a sudden, performance drops to the point where game is constantly stuttering, low fps and unplayable.

i tried to followbthe case up and finally noticed the below:

- while the performance was bad, i went to task manager performance tab, and to my surprise, CPU was at a very low value, someting like 0.6Ghz or so
I unplugged the adapter and boom, went up to 2.x, game was good again
i could reproduce this issue almost everytime i tried it

my 1st though was defective adapter so i swapped the adapters, problem remained on the same laptop.

i then noticed battery was sometimes discharging instead of charging, so i removed the battery and connected the laptop to UPS. laptop now loses power randomly (turns off) while on adapter power.

I am now almost sure something on the mainboard is not working properly. if it was a desktop ill start with the power supply but with a laptop, im confused.

appreciate ur feedback in case uve faced sthg similar and was able to troubleshoot.



Mar 1, 2018
are these model with dedicated graphics chip or integrated within cpu (Intel HD Graphics ?)

do all these since it could be combination of dying battery and other issue or only battery dying / power circuit / charger circuit in mothrboard

-remove battery and power cable. Press power button for 1 minute. put only charger now and try to boot without battery and game a bit. I have no idea what ups means sorry my english is it a dock or something? Best to try without battery and only charger cable plugged in if you get any shuttdowns.
  • Download hwinfo and hwmonitor, and check temperatures for cpu and gpu under load if its very heavily thermal throttling you can get a shutdown
  • look your power options within windows and if your temps are fine put maximum perfomance program instead of adaptive.
1. did you also change the power cable? ( not only power adapter). you can check with multimeter if cable is bad, just wiggle it a little when testing with multimeter. check what voltage and wattage original charger has for your model (search online) problem might be your using too low voltage / wattage charger than your model is required.